Secluded Island Plot (Pemba)

Secluded Island Plot (Pemba)
FOR SALE USD550,000 - Plot/Land
115006-15 36,485 sqm 36,485 sqm

This stunning beach plot measuring 36,495 sqm (9.05 acres) is situated on Fundo Island, Pemba. Leaving from the port of Wete, you will experience lush mangroves and the calming sea. Fundo Island forms a natural barrier and breakwater for the harbor of the town of Wete, only a 25-minute boat ride away. Once you arrive at this property on Fundo Island, you will experience the pristine white sand and gorgeous hues of blue water from the Indian Ocean from your own front yard. Your backyard will include a backdrop of lush green forestry that you will want to embark through. The compelling ocean will invite you to deep sea fishing, reef diving – you name it. This retreat from the world is a place for eco-friendly development or just your private beach

Fundo Island is located off the northwest coast of Pemba Island. It is one of the larger islands in the Archipelago and the largest of those surrounding Pemba Island. Fundo Island is only 9 kilometers in length, and less than a kilometer in width,  surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. With an added bonus you are 106 km from Mombasa, Kenya, 85 km to Zanzibar. and, 45 km to Tanga. Go Kenya for breakfast and return to your secluded island for dinner. This sparsely populated island of 3,296 people is an ideal for those who seek exclusivity and appreciation of the natural environment.


  • Electricity and Water available
  • Beach
  • Island
  • 85 km to Zanzibar and 106 km from Mombasa – Kenya
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Secluded Island Plot (Pemba)
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