In order to be well informed about the Zanzibar Land Transfer process, we at RE/MAX Omela have compiled a document that will assist you with following the process of your land being successfully transferred and registered in your name. Before registration, a few steps should take place;

  1. Find a reputable Agent to explain the best investment areas
  2. Decided on your preferred type of property investment (Commerical or Residential)
  3.  Be prepared to pay considerably more for coastal land. (Avg price is US$48,30 per square meter for beach plots)
  4. All beachfront plots are reserved for commercial use (ie.hotel or guest house)
  5. Foreign investors can NOT build private homes on beach plots.
  6. Foreigners are NOT allowed to “purchase” Land, you are only ALLOWED to purchase “Leasehold rights“.  Gov’t lease rights are from 33-99 years (foreigner are ALLOWED to own condominiums only under the Zanzibar Condominium Act of 2010
  7. Local agents are called Dalali.   Buyer Beware.  The same guy that wants to sell you a tour package will try and sell you your dream beach property.  Some of these guys are well informed and can prove to be informative in terms of local property availability, but be certain all paperwork is in place.
  8. NEVER EVER pay any seller cash or into their bank account.  Use an attorney’s escrow account for the transaction.  Always keep a paper trail.
  9. Don’t try to cheat the tax man (TRA).   Some sellers will ask for two sale agreements.  One for the taxman and one for the private file, both with two different prices so they (the seller) will have to pay less tax.  Don’t do it, because it will come to bite you later.
  10. Paperwork required before entering into any agreement.
    1. Copy of Certificate of Occupation
    2. Site Plan
    3. Copy of Land Lease
    4. Sale Deed (if ownership)
  11. Seek the advice of an attorney before entering into a contract
  12. Click on this link for a detailed PDF to explain the process as of May 2017.
  13. Zanzibar Land Transfer Process can take anywhere from 3 weeks – 6 months depending on the complexity of the ownership and transaction.

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